The Reason For This Blog

Ok so here I am, a seemingly normal woman with a head full of thoughts, ideas and imagination that claw at my skull to be brought to life via words and art.

My entire life I’ve had an unusual desire for answers to unexplainable things. Perhaps this was due to the fact that so many unexplainable things occurred in my life, even at a young age.  Then again perhaps unexplainable things occurred because of my desire to reveal their truths.

As far back as my memory takes me I’ve experienced paranormal events although to a sensitive four year old child they weren’t “paranormal “ they were downright terrifying. But more on that in a future blog.

I suppose my love for horror books and horror movies was born from the need to numb myself from paralyzing fear. And even though I was no more than a child I somehow had an intrinsic wisdom about me. I understood the whole “face  your fears” notion to stay three steps ahead of the darkness. “If you know the enemy and know yourself , you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” (The Art of War -Sun Tzu)  And so my journey into the macabre began.

I was a strange and awkward child and because of this I was the recipient of ridicule and torment. The only thing more terrifying than leaving my house and going to school, was not leaving my house. Unpleasant things hid in the dark corners of my childhood home. Hearing and seeing things that other family members did not was emotionally crippling and lead me into further isolation. My bedroom and my books became my safe haven.

Is it cliche to say that Stephen King fueled my desire to put my thoughts down on paper? Is it? Well, so be it because it just so happens to be true. My very first Stephen King novel was Salem’s Lot. I hid under my blankets at the age of seven and read chapter after chapter in perfect awe; and in that cozy blanket fort (lit by a single flashlight)  I found comfort and safety from all that lurked outside.

Soon after began my love for horror movies. After seeing American Werewolf in London then a few years later with Silver Bullet, I was hooked. These two movies awakened something inside of me; no not a werewolf but a love for cinematic makeup and special effects. I became obsessed with how to make homemade concoctions that would resemble blood and guts and loose flesh…much to my mother’s horror and dismay. Creating life-like horror scenes in my kitchen are some of my only happy childhood memories. That’s not entirely true, there were more, but for dramatic effect…just roll with it.

And so we enter my teen years where my childhood collection of paranormal encounters , Stephen King novels and horror movie obsessions all came to a head and I had an urge to put it all on paper. So I did. I wrote poems, short stories and music. I poured my heart and soul onto countless pieces of paper that filled box after box in my bedroom closet. In 1990 I came up with the pen name Cat London (ode to American Werewolf in London and my love of cats) although I never actually published anything until many years later.

In short, my reason for this blog is to release my passions and share them with the world. (Surely I can’t be the only odd duck in the pond.)  I will post short horror stories, dark poems, and occasional topics of open conversation revolving around paranormal events, hauntings, books, classic horror film etc, so as to include all who share my same obsessions. I will also have monthly giveaways for my readers- gifts to show my love and appreciation.

Story Time With Cat London will Launch on Friday the 13th of April, 2018. I look forward to your feedback.

Stay Strange, people 😈




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